Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Solo Shopping Adventures

Today was the first snow fall of the year, just  a beautiful day all round. The sun was shining, and there was just a little breeze, although i thought i could have used a hat and gloves... I also thought, what better way to celebrate a new season then going shopping? i did, and i am very happy with the turn out!!

Since it was cold i just through together a cute cheerful warm outfit featuring my yellow sweater dress, black tights and black walker boots. Simple, easy off and on while in the change room, and not much work to keep up with.

Then for the shopping. Always hitting up my first hot spot for cute cheap clothes, H&M was first on the docket. Upon walking in i found the cutest and festive sweater for only $14.95! Worn with some skinny jeans and even a high waisted skirt, this shimmery, cream coloured sweater is perfect for work parties, or just hanging out.

The next number i found was a cowl neck, 3/4 sleeve knit sweater that was a lot warmer then i thought it was going to be. At 19.99, i ended up buying 2 >.< although I'm debating on one being a Christmas gift :P
The sweater is long enough to wear comfortably with tights, and also a perfect length to wear with skinnies and maybe a cute belt. It is a little wide, but perfect for that comfy over sized look.

Some other things i found were some great lurex scarves from Costa Blanca, Thigh high boots from Journeys ( Although they are half a size too small :'( and only go up to an 8.5:'( no love for the big footed!) as well as blush from Sephora that iv been dying to buy!

All in all id say it was a pretty successful day. I finished most of my Christmas shopping and still have enough money to go bowling with my friends and out to a swanky dinner with my boy :) Very successful day indeed!

P.s shout outs to H&M for having amazing lighting for my less then amazing pictures ;)

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