Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dip - Die

Today will be another short post, as I am ready to pass the f*** out. I am FULLY exhausted..probably because I went to bed at 3am last night, and woke up at 7..I don't even know why, cause I didn't work till 5pm tonight >.>

Anyways! Before work me and my boyfriend decided to go for a picnic in the local park, and as it was hot as anything outside, I decided to wear my new favourite item, my two toned, purple dip-dye cut off shorts!! <3

I got these when I went shopping in Port Huron the other week, (which I will be posting about soon..but I'm going back again in a few days so I'll be doing a collective post....) and which I am TOTALLY in love with!

I got them from Hot Topic, and when I went into the store, they were just waiting for me to get them. They were on sale for 7.99 and were the last size in the store..which happened to perfectly fit my gigantic butt!! It was a quick in and out after I saw these shorts, and for a steal of a price too!

So back to the picnic, I wore them with my black cropped, baggy tee and my silver leaf necklace for a bit of contrast :)

After the picnic, I had to run home and change for work, and since it was getting a bit cooler, I decided to put on some layers, and of course wear my other new favourite item, which I just posted about 2 days ago...My Mermaid Skirt!!

I paired this with my pause style shirt, which was neatly tucked in so only the pause part could be seen, and my walker boots. For accessories, I kept it simple wearing only my silver "rays" necklace from HnM.

Tomorrow is my day off so I may post something a little different then the usual. I recently re-did the layout of my room, and included a makeup area. If I clean it up a bit, I may do a mini room tour...if I don't I'll probably hit you guys with another lens review of my Puffy 3 Tone Brown.

So Stay Tuned!! Also if you have any suggestions on anything you would like to read about or learn on my blog, send me a message!! Since I have more readers, I would love to get some feedback!
As usual, thank you for reading and good night!!

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