Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Spirit !

I have finally finished wrapping everyone's presents, and I must say I have definitely out done myself. As I have come into more money this year with my full time and part time job, it has been easier to get everyone what I wanna get them. Now with all my gifts under the tree and my last day of work tomorrow before my holiday break, I can finally sit back and relax... Until. Boxing Day :(

On a brighter note I did receive my Christmas gifts from both my boyfriend and his family :D Since they go away every year for Christmas, we always exchange gifts early, and this year I got some amazing things! My boyfriends mom got me a gorgeous ruby charm to go on a charm bracelet she got me last year. The packaging was tiny and cute and so is the charm!
My boyfriend got me some amazing things as well! Since he obviously knows my insane love for sailor moon and food he got me 4 packs of poky sticks ( in my fab flavors, chocolate, strawberry and strawberry cream!) which I have already half devoured. He also got me the first 2 volumes of both the newly redistributed sailor v an sailor moon manga comics which iv been dying for!! Over all tonight's been an amazing start to the holidays! :)

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