Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yay Circle Lenses!!!

Today is an exciting day for me..why you ask? I have finally ordered some new circle lenses!!!! *insert ridiculous excitement here* After searching and planning and hmming and hawing i finally found lenses for a great price, and that i think i will actually like! They are from Circlelens.net, which has amazing prices and a great selection of lenses.

 I have had circle lenses before. I only had Geo tearful brown and Geo nudy grey, but i did love both, up until they wouldn't go in my eyes anymore :( aka until i started poking my eyes and the lens would stick to my finger instead of my eye ball.. :( which I'm hoping will not happen again! Those two lenses were great for starting out and just getting used to the difference. I wore the tearful brown for prom since it was super easy to wear and just gave me a bit of extra umph. The nudy greys were my absolute favourite so i did decide to get them again!!

Geo Tearful Brown:

Geo Nudy Grey:

 (Sorry for the super shaky pictures >.> you get the idea though right?)
So along with the Nudy Greys, i decided to purchase the Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown lenses. They do look a bit unnatural in pictures iv seen so far,but I'm hoping since my eyes are nearly black, that it will blend a little better and not make me look like a super alien :)

Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown:

As i have said, i am super excited to open the mail and receive my new lenses!<3 Hopefully they come soon and are as amazing as i imagine them to be ^_^ I will review each lens, and also the store, as i have never ordered from them before, so be sure to stay tuned!!

My next dilemma..which pink lenses to get,.. >.> why must i want so much?!?!

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