Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yes! Finally!!

Today has been one of the longest days of work iv ever had. If your ever thinking of closing a store with only 3 people.. Please for the love of all things holly do not!!!! although I did get a pretty amazing accessory stand and some shelving units for my house when I move :)

Anyways today was the last day I will ever work full time! (hopefully)!! I do have 2 part time jobs but still I find full time quite annoying especially in the mall wen u wok the stupidest 9 hour shifts.

On a happier not I finally received my new lenses from my previous post!!! As they sit, soaking away, I wait an imagine them in my eyes tomorrow!! W

With that said it is nap times.. I have to get ready for the ridiculousness that is Jersey shore season premier!

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