Monday, February 20, 2012

Hot Headed

I finally did it.. I dyed my hair red!! (no not Rihanna red, and just for the record iv wanted my hair red since before I saw the little mermaid..just saying). Since it was Family Day here my mom was off work so I figured what better way to spend time together, then her help me dye my hair!

The dye I used was one I bought in Detroit called Cream of Nature which I bought for only $6USD. Its an all natural semi permanent hair dye, catering to african american/ black hair, which I got in "Ragin Red".

Since its the first time colouring my hair, naturally I was scared that I was either going to look like a monster, or my hair fall out. Fortunately, it looked amazing!! As I was drying my hair, the colour kept getting lighter and lighter, almost glowing in sunlight. Inside it looked like a deeper shade of my brown hair colour, which still blends nicely and looks almost natural.

My mom even called me her "Little Black Ariel" <3 I love my hair so much!! There's almost no damage and it feels so soft! Needless to say, Im a happy camper ^^

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