Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wavy Hair with No Heat

Tonight I went out with some friends, just for a small hangout at a frozen yogurt place. I didn't want to get super dressed up, but I still wanted to look well put together. I figured I could do my hair nice, and decent makeup with some skinny jeans and a sweater, and everything turned out as I wanted! (For once...>.>)


I decided on a cute easy look for my hair, that required no heat, and took about 10 min to achieve. Its super simple, helps moisturise and protect your hair as well as looks good every time. So without further adieu, the look that I got:

What did I do to achieve this look you ask? Well its as simple as making 5 small buns on your head and spritzing them with leave in conditioner...Literally..that's it....(End of Post)...

No seriously though, The way to do this look is super simple. What I did was section my hair into 5 different parts around my head. Doing each section at a time, I took the strands and sprayed them with some of my leave in conditioner. I use a specific brand I get from my hairdresser by Revlon called, " Hydro Nutritive Conditioner, Equave 2 Phase. Well that was a mouth full...

This conditioner starts out white and dark blue, and you have to shake it before you spray it, and it turns to a pretty aqua colour. It helps detangle hair, mend split ends and damaged hair, as well as gives moisture and protection to the hair.. Needless to say, I love this conditioner!

After spraying the piece, I twist it (away from face if its a front strand, all others don't really matter) until its a tight coil.

This coil will naturally want to curl up into a tight bun, and I just go with the flow until its wrapped tightly. My hair will stay in place without using and elastic or pinning it, but its best to pin it just in case. Using an elastic will create creases in the wave and throw off the pattern.

I do this with the rest of the strands and end up looking like this...
It looks like I'm a star fish or something lol

Now we wait until the conditioner is soaked into the hair and dry. For me this takes about 10 - 15 min. Once dry all that's left to do is to unravel the hair like this!:

Once each bun is unravelled, run your fingers through each piece to separate the waves. Don't forget some hairspray to keep the shape! 

TADAAA!! All finished :) 

If you want tighter waves double the amount of buns around your head, the smaller the section, the tighter the wave. Also do not saturate the hair with leave in conditioner, just lightly spritz it. This would probably also work with water, but id say stick with the conditioner since water would dry your hair out further >.< 

So that's what I did today..Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for a shopping adventure..I feel the need for one of those coming on... As well, next week there will be a new nail tutorial/post :) still deciding between newspaper  print nails or something more fun... :) 

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