Friday, March 9, 2012


Soooo Much To Talk ABOUT!! aka, Iv shopped my life away recently, so I have a gigantic shopping haul to show..even though i haven't finished taking pictures of everything. >.< ...soo ya coming soon!

Iv recently decided to get back to my roots and mesh that with my "new" cute loving, Asian obsessed, shopaholic ways. And by back to my roots, I mean back to my tattoo loving, piercing having, metal listening self :)

Iv always been a person that loves opposites, so my likes are always changing, and I don't really know how to put it all short I'm pretty much 5 people in one and bounce back and forth with my likes...time to turn 5 into 1.. Wish me luck!!

ANYWAYS..awkward posting over.

I went to an amazing little town restaurant the other day with my boyfriend. He recently tore his ACL (ouch) but has been getting better, and can finally drive! Now one of our favourite pass times is driving for hours until were pretty much lost, and checking out towns and that's how we stumbled upon this gem in Clinton Ontario..

Bartliffs Restaurant and Bakery!

Now I always feel a little awkward when we go to these tiny towns, mainly because they're small enough where everyone knows each others names, and seeing a black girl with red hair and circle lenses, and a white guy with long hair and spacers holding hands would probably call for a town meeting.

Walking into the bakery was kinda weird, only because everyone stopped talking and stared at us..but that was short lived by time the most amazing food came to our table. I had a cheese burger, and the boy had a bacon cheese burger, and might i say THEY WERE DELICIOUS! They were made with fresh beef and fresh veggies, AND they had sweet pickles instead of dill which was interesting and amazing. 

After eating the life outta that meal, we decided to get some desert...(so good omg.) We got a slice of homemade chocolate cheese cake, and a freshly baked raspberry turnover. Needless to say i was a super stuffed happy camper. :) All of this by the way (2 burgers with fries, 2 cokes, huge raspberry turnover and hella decent slice of chocolate cheese cake) came to less the 25 bucks. <3

After regaining my strength from eating such amazing things, I realised how awesome the place we were eating in looked. It was super old timey and had a very friendly warm feeling. There were even pictures of the store tracing back to 1920 with the founders and what it originally looked like, as well as pictures through out the decades leading to now. 
After a few snaps we were off to see what else we could find along the street. We did find a sweet thrift shop, and i bought a small luggage bag and purse for 8 bucks. (by small i mean weekend sized bag for a very indecisive lady aka half my body)

By the time we got home, the sun was setting on our wonderful day and i needed a nap.

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