Saturday, March 10, 2012

With the Power of an Iron Fist!

Today was 2 of my dear friends birthdays, and I was in a happy mood since I haven't seen them both in a long time. If you are an avid reader of my blog, you'll know any strong emotion or mood will trigger shopping, and it did today for sure!

Aside from fun party stuff, I bought a gorgeous over sized mint green sweater, bunny ear head band, an AMAZING pair of iron fist heels and a really awesome hawk skull ring. <3

The top I wore to the party's I went to, and have yet to wear my new accessories. :) I love the cute triangle pattern the knit makes, and looks great with super simple skinny jeans, or even a fluffy skirt. It only cost me 20 bucks, and its actually very light and easy to wear.

The ring and head band are both really cute too. The headband actually fits around my head, which was a problem last time i bought one >.>, and I love the floral print on black. The ring is like a rust copper/ dark rose colour. It fits really nice on my gigantic pointer finger and adds an edgier but still current touch :)

Now for my favourite purchase of all.. MY IRON FIST SHOEEESSS <3

I'm usually more timid when buying anything with a skull/ tattooie looking print, but these were just the cutest, most comfortable and stunning shoes iv ever seen. The chunky brown heel keeps the shoes stable when walking and also helps to tone down the super punky print. I'm probably wearing these out tomorrow for another combined birthday. They are really tall, but can be dressed down very easily. The even look good with the whole sock and heel look! :) At 80 bucks, they are a bit of an investment shoe (because I'm cheap like that) but even though they were a bit pricey, I love them to bits!

Throughout the day I saw that HMV was closing in the mall, and decided to get some movies. I got James and the Giant Peach and A Goofy Movie <3 Two of my favourite movies ever! both were only 13 bucks!. I also got  the hilarious movie high school high for 5 bucks...I love savings!

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