Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nail Polish Haul

To celebrate my acquiring a new job, I decided to buy some new nail polish! I didn't wanna buy clothes (for once) and felt that I should buy something less expensive since I'm going to be buying new clothes for the job. :) 

Iv been on the hunt fora nice beige nail polish for a while and I found a very pretty Zoya  shade called Flowie at Trade Secrets. Although its not the shade I was looking for, it still is a very nice orangey caramel colour. 

Since there was a sale going on at Trade Secrets, I got the Zoya nail polish and two others, Essie Alligator Purse and Essie Choco Kisses for only 15 dollars.

Alligator purse is more of a burnt orangey shade, which is really pretty, and matches a blazer I have. :) Choco Kisses is more brown brownish purple shade,  which is also really pretty and will be perfect for next autumn.

I also bought 4 new polishes from Ardene's for 12 dollars. I bought a really pretty purple colour, which ended up being way darker then I thought, and 3 sparkly polishes. A black / silver fine sparkle, a green / blue large sparkle and a red / purple large sparkle polish.

Right now I'm currently wearing the Zoya colour, and thinking of what design to do on top... Ill post my final decision tomorrow, and the outcome!

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