Wednesday, March 14, 2012

HAPPY DAY! (chou kawaii blog giveaway!) UPDATED!

Today has been an amazing day! Not just because I decided to try a new design ( and pretty much fail terribly), not even because I bought new jeans on sale for my job, and Certainly not because I got a whopper for whopper Wednesday. Why you ask? Because, my beautiful sister made her first runway debut in the Toronto Fashion Week! More on that in a second.

I finished my nails from yesterday, and decided to try doing a rose effect. Not gonna lie it turned out kinda bad in my opinion, but the more I practise the better ill become. :) i used the Alligator Purse colour and Choco kisses that i just bought, as well as my green nail polish I bought before. It isn't super terrible, but I'm used to doing better. Any tips??

I did also buy some new jeans for my new job! I will be working at an awesome store called Only! It has great clothing at a decent price, and their jeans are just amazing. They actually fit my butt! Which is an achievement in itself.. but they also fit my waist?! I almost dropped dead!. Finding a great fitting jean for me is harder then finding in 1 million hey stacks...

Now for the creme de la creme of topics, MY SISTER :)
Shes been modelling for a while now, mainly doing photo shoots and editorials, but hasn't done much runway work. But leave it to Toronto Fashion week to change all of that!

She modelled for Sunny Fong's line, VAWK for the 2012 fall/winter collection today. It was a very unique show, not just for the clothing, but the fact that all of the models were regular people with little or no modelling experience.

Here are some pictures of her makeup:

Her outfit:

And her ripping the runway!:

Catch her at 9:57 <3!!
I will be doing a tutorial on her makeup over the weekend, stay tuned!!

One last thing I would like to share, is the wonderful efforts being made by bloger emily from Chou Kisses! Shes hosting a giveaway dedicated to the conservation of water, sponsered by Lenx Village. Please check out her blog, and enter her giveaway to win 2, count em 2 lenses of your choice from lens village! The deadline is April 12 so enter quick!

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