Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birthdays & Shopping & Riots Oh My!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

First of all I would like to say Happy Birthday to my brother <3 and also Happy Birthday to my Twin<3 I hope your night is filled with drunken fun memories!

So to celebrate these birthdays, and also just for fun, my family including my boyfriend, decided to have a shopping day in Toronto! Although I didn't get to go to my favourite stores, I did have an amazing shopping day!

I also got a little ninja turtle key cover as a mini present for my brother :)

I visited the Hot Topic in Eaton Center, and picked up a Sailor Moon shirt!! (BEST BUY EVER!) They had 4 different designs, but i went with a casual black and white baseball looking shirt with the full troop on the front! 32 Dollars well spent!

My inner child is screaming with delight

Next we travelled to H&M where I got 2 other things. I bought some tiny black shorts, that may be making a trip back to the store, and some amazing flatform/wedge shoes, which a great friend of mine also got!
They are so comfy and edgy looking! but i could always add a sweat little ankle bow for some girlish charm. 

They are a little tight, but i may exchange for a size up for my gigantic lady feet to fit in! They also had some amazing flatforms in black and beige and some in the sneaker version. Needles to say I'm currently a flatform junky!
When we arrived home it was still early enough to party, as you know its St. patties day aka public intoxication day, so me and the boy travelled around to find some last minute parties to join. Low and behold, upon heading to our college, a huge riot of partiers VS police had happened and was still in full swing! It was like the best action movie ever! Flipped cars, fires, riot police, tear gas and drunkards yelling and whistling. 
There wasn't much else to do then crack open a cold one and blast some tunes while sparks flew.
(If your in town, you can prolly catch the news about it, or deff youtube it)

All in all it was a great night, got some childhood, some fashion and some action, all in a days work :)

my Ttown bestie and my boy <3

super blurry awkward faces moment! <3

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