Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Cherry Blossoms!

Since yesterday was officially the first day of Spring, I decided to do some fun gradient cherry blossom nails! :) Its my first time trying these, and for my lack of know how, they turned out pretty good :)

I just like this picture..doesn't show off the nails well but whatevz

I used 3 different colours for the gradient, a pearly white, pastel green, and a bright green shade. I used the pearly white first all over the nail then layered on the pastel green and brighter green with a makeup sponge

For the branches, I used my black detail polish and made some wispy lines coming from one corner of my nails.

Next I mixed an almost neon pink with white for a softer shade, and made star patterns to represent the flowers. I also used single strokes to look like buds or single petals and for some added depth I made dots and dashes with pure white polish.

I finished with clear polish and let it dry. :) Overall it was pretty well done :)

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