Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Hair, New job. New clothes. New Makeup! *pic heavy!*

This week has been a great one so far! I started my new job, had some great dates with my boyfriend and had some good fun partying.

The fun for today started with getting my hair done! I finally got my bangs cut again since my hair was the length I wanted for the style I was going for. Turns out 3 inches of that length was all dead and needed to be cut loose. :'( BUTTTT I was left with the cutest bob style! If I wasn't so lazy and did proper makeup I'd look like one of the egg models :) (over exaggerating?...nooooooo)

- Before -

- After -

OK face spam now!

- Me and my wonderful stylist! -

After my new look, I decided to get some new clothes. My job only lets me where their products, and since I only had 2 shirts I decided to splurge a little. There was also an awesome sale for a buy one get one free type deal so that helped too!

My favourite thing I bought today was my grey cut out sweater. Iv been looking for something with shoulder cut outs for so long, and something that didn't look super awkward due to the cutouts...this beauty just kinda fell in my lap (cuz I hit it off the rack by accident >.<) and I was hooked!

The next 2 items I got in the buy one get one free. I got a grey shirt that says love in yellow writing with a cute little heart & arrow printed on it. Super simple but really cute! Its a size too big but it looks really cute tucked in. The other item I got for free was this blue sleeveless top. It has a cool black lightning bolt printed on it, and again a size too big (actually 2 sizes to big.). It still looks really nice, and definitely helps edge up my new hairstyle.

The next item I bought was this striped long sleeve shirt. I was in love with it at work but now that I have it its kinda meh. Anyone else ever have that problem? I mean, its still really cute and I love the colour combination, but its really nothing special. it looks really cute with a leather jacket over top though. :)

The last things I got from my store were some accessories, also from the buy one get one sale. I bough a really cute neon pink waste belt, and a black snake skin cuff. I absolutely love the belt, and how the brown tones down the super neon pink, and cant wait to wear it in the summer!

Now with clothing finished, lets move on to makeup! I only bought 4 items which were all on sale at my local drugstore. Thanks to wonderful Youtube gurus, I felt I didn't have enough makeup in my collection (I have more then enough -__-`)

The first thing I picked up was 2 Rimmel eye shadows. The first one had 3 colours all in the brown family, in a matte colour (the pallet is called Orion) and the second has 4 different colours (called English Oak?). The 4 colour has more sparkle and shine and great for night wear, where as the first has more subtle colour perfect for a natural day look. Both were 5.99

I also bought a Cover Girl 3 colour blush in the Purely Plum colour group. The lightest pink works as a highlighter and the darkest works as a contour. I got this one for only 7 bucks which is pretty awesome :)

The last thing I bought today was a Rimmel lipstick for 6.99. It looks like a brown nude colour, which it is, but it also has a really nice hint of pink to it. At first when I put it on, I was a little disappointed, cause on my hand it showed up as more of a subtle nude pink, and on my lips it looked like I was wearing Vaseline -__-". But there is a subtle difference once I really looked at it, and if I add a little pink on top it ends up looking really cool!!

-Hardly noticeable -__-"-

Now I leave you with pictures of random things throughout my week :D

-yummy dynamite rolls!-

- highest score ever in COD (17/15..still good, 17 KILLS WOOT!) -

 - My outfit Friday Night -

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