Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spring Gradient Nails

Now that Valentine' Day is over, the stores and weather is quickly shipping out the old and bringing in the new, aka Spring and St. Patties Day! In lite of that, I decided to switch up my nails and do a springy blue/green gradient. FYI, they are some what terrible on account of me forgetting I was going out for dinner while doing the last few coats of polish >.>

So all I used were my 3 colours, yellow green, pastel green and a deep teal colour, as well as a makeup sponge. I already put a base coat onto my nails so it was just a matter of finding the base colour.

Coat your nails in the first colour of choice, and wait for it to dry...I decided to use yellow green as my first colour.

Next take your makeup sponge and dip it into your next shade. I do gradients weird (in my friends opinions), and I do the darkest colour next. I chose the teal colour, and sponged that from the tips to the middle section of my nails, making sure most of the pigment was at the tips.

Last I took the pastel green shade, and sponged that from just above where the teal ends to the tip of the nail. The particular nailpolish I used turned out more sheer then I thought so I had to keep dabbing to get a better gradient effect. Then you end with this


Turned our pretty well. :) Next nail tutorial will be a newsprint one!! Im way too excited for it! Stay tuned!!


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