Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentimes!! also Colorful Circle haul!!

Time for another late night post!! But it was quite an eventful day..It was VALENTINES DAYYY!!
xoxoxo love xoxoxo

To start off, I spent the morning running around and planning a wonderful dinner for my hubby while he was in class. I also had to get my mom a little sumthin sumthin too, I didn't want her to feel left out.

 I planned a special dinner for the boy with our favourite, chicken Alfredo pasta, and chocolate covered strawberries! It was really good if I do say so myself! I'm also a dork so I ran to the dollar store and bought an obscene amount of decorations for my house, as well as for my hand made valentines cards I make every year. I even folded the napkins into little hearts :3

Hubbyfriend looking pissed cuz im taking pictures and not eating lol 
(yay heart decorations!)

pasta and my chocolate covered strawberries...they didn't all fit in the chocolate bowl :(

            (Heart Napkin!!        ^^^^)

Outfit wise, I played it cool and cute with my new favourite dress. My peter pan collar dress! I love the play on cute and sexy with its black mesh and beige sweetheart neckline and collar. Not to mention I just looked really good in it!

My makeup and hair were super simple. I curled my hair in loose waves and swept it into a low side pony tail, which really went well with the cuteness of the dress. Makeup was super simple with black liner, pink, brown and golden eyeshadow and mascara. I did use some light pink blush and my Lioele pink and red lip pencils.

Here's the look. Took me only 5 min.

Close up on eyes..i make weird faces..

Now some of that makeup that I used actually came in the mail today! Oh did I forget to mention I got my Colorful Circle package? :D Well I did, and I couldn't be happier!

I only ordered three things, but I was super surprised to open the box and find a million and 1 little freebies! (Thank you jeebus!) My order included some cute clip on bangs, (I cant tell if I picked the wrong colour or if they sent me the wrong one :/ But hey, that's online shopping for ya!) Lioele All in One Gel Liner (in smokey black) and my Lioele Carry Me Blusher in the light pink colour. Tonight I used the blusher and the liner with my own makeup, and I loved them both! 

Now for the freebies! I received 2 trials of Sue Hydrating gel, Lioele Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base trial , 2 Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream trials as well as a package of Hera Aquabolic serum. Okay, so 6 more isn't a million and 1...but it might as well be..

The whole haul :)

Now a more in depth look at the items I purchased :)

The bangs are really cute, and can be worn in 3 different styles:

  Parted                           or                        Sideswept

They are really easy to clip in, and the style blends really well, although for me the colour is a little bit off. With a headband it looks really cute and helps hide the line between bang and real hair as well as helps to blend the colours of my hair, and the bang hair together.

The eyeliner is really nice too! It reminds me of a transformer a little because to get the brush out, you have to pull the top, flip it, take off the little brush protector, and slide it back in. Not gonna lie, I make machine noises when I put it together. :P The consistancy of the gel is really smooth and easy to apply. It really is an all in one, because its waterproof, smudge proof (after long time wear) and probably bullet proof. I wet my hand and tried scrubbing it off, even with a towel, and it wouldn't budge! Its pretty awsome!

                                                                         Would NOT come off...

The blush is also really nice. For me, it adds a subtle shade of pink to the cheeks and almost looks like im not wearing any blush...just a natural looking flushed cheek look. The packaging is also really cute. I love that its a  little puff. Its really easy to use and comes with a mirror on top of the cap. I love love loveee this product!

And that is all for today my friends. Time for sleep to happen since its 530 am :( I swear I'm some kind of vampire.. >.>

Goodnight moon, Good night stars, Good night readers!


  1. Which bang did you order? can you put in a link?

    1. Hi Carrie, sorry i just saw your comment! its called the Romantic Bang, heres the link :) theyre really nice!

  2. Hi, I never order from before, is it safe? and are they fast?

    1. they are pretty safe and i guess regular speed. For me it usually takes 2 weeks to get products, and with them sending it to canada from south korea took the standard 2 weeks :)

      Hope that helps!


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