Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mall Mini Haul / Trip to Detroit! / Lens Village Give Away (kinda long post)

This week has been crammed full of so many things I don"t even know where to start!
I've been working everyday for the past two weeks, shopping, eating, date nights with my boyfriend, and even a surprise trip to Detroit. And by surprise, I mean, my mom came into my room and told me I had 10 min to get ready.. >.> And the entire shopping portion of the trip took less then two hours, then we were back on the road, across the boarder, and home in time for my brother to go to work at 2pm.

But back to the shopping!
The day before that ridiculous in and out of the USA, I had myself a little shopping R&R after work. I really only went for a present for my friend, but ended up with 4 bags for myself >.>..

*Everything I bought..not too bad*

The shoes I got from a store called Brida. There a super comfortable pointy toe wedge flat, and only 15 bucks! <3
I could walk in these forever!! so cushiony and wearable

I also went to Saphora and got a little face scrubby. I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH. I actually saw one of these on Queenie Chan's youtube channel (beatyQQ) with her whitehead removal techniques, and then the next day saphora read my mind and had them in stock! Of course i got one for me, and a friend of mine ^^. Ive been using it for a little under a week, and my face is already showing signs of looking amazing lol.
I also went to Walmart to check out some nail polish, and found the nicest colours! i love sally Hansen nail polish, and grabbed a new white (blah boring), a really nice sandy grey colour, as well as a really nice springy green colour!
At Urban Behaviour i snapped up the pretty necklace you see as well. It was the last one..and a why not. I love the mosaic style it has around the large blue stone, and its long..i loveee long necklaces! Not like those awkward in between length necklaces i always tend to buy.

Prices: sandy brown &white polish =$5x2, green polish=$2s, necklace=$1, face scrubby=$7

The last things I bought were just some facial things. Ive been running low on my facial cleanser, (and also breaking out like a mofo) so i decided to try something different. I heard that Burt's Bees products were really good, so i got myself the Anti Blemish Solution cleanser, as well as the Burt's Bees Rosewater & Glycerin toner. Both so far are pretty awesome, although the cleanser does dry my face out a little :S. The toner is my favourite! iv never had a toner actually make my face feel nice instead of like its dying. Usually my face gets so dry when i use a toner, that it will literally burn and flake off after one use. This one on the other hand actually puts moisture back into my face after using the cleanser, and makes my face feel like normal skin again!
Both were $14.99

Now for my short trip to Detroit!
Be warned of all the random pictures that will happen.......Now!
The beautiful sight i saw after emerging from the Canada/USA tunnel :)

So ya, just some buildings and such. It was such a beautiful day, and great for some pictures, so why not!

I only bought one thing on this trip, but I'm pretty excited about it! I purchased  some red dye..finalyyy!!
The brand is called Cream of Nature, and its catered to black hair. It is made with organic ingredients and says that it does less damage to the hair then other salon and box dyes, which I'm hopping is true because if my hair falls out I will seriously reconsider living...

The middle colour is probably the one my hair will show up as...I'm kinda scared, not gonna lie!

The girl at the hair place had her hair dyed with this colour, and her hair still looked healthy and beautiful, so I'm hoping to get the same results! She was also really nice, helpful and hilarious.. It was probably my best shopping experience..we got 50% off our entire purchase which was around $140 USD. My product only cost 5.99USD so its super affordable. If it turns out nice, I'll definitely be heading back for cart fulls of this stuff!

That just about raps up my week of shopping and travelling. I think Monday is when I will be getting my package from Colorfulcircle, so stay tuned for that!! 

As well, Lens Village is having a special giveaway for their newly opened blog! I was also asked to do a guest review, which you can find Here!. You can find the link to the blog, as well as the giveaway details in the side bar banner! If you win let me know!! ^^
GEO Grang Grang Giveaway

Now food spam!! Me and my boyfriends 2.7 year anniversary! lol We went to our favourite eatery and got kabli beef, and tempura :) Be jealous ;)
Yes, my boyfriend has longer hair than me...>.> 
His nickname's Fabio lol <3

Couldn't wait to take the pic..already stared eating >.<

Have a Beautiful Day!!

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