Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hurricane Brown Lens Review!

Today I am reviewing my newest lenses which i just received from Lens Village! If you haven't heard about them, Lens Village is a very reputable online lens shop, featuring many brands such as Geo Medical, Dueba, G&G, Vassen and more! They are one of the largest shops, and sells only 100% authentic, in stock lenses at very affordable prices. Basically it's your one stop store to find whatever you need.They also have amazing customer service. 

As the title says, I chose the EOS, Hurricane Brown lenses to review. I really wanted a pair of natural looking contacts for more every day use, that had a slight enlarging effect. On the site, they are priced at USD 20.00 which is cheaper then most other places for the lenses, and they also give information on the water content, diameter etc. So, after hearing a lot of good things about these lenses I bit the bullet and decided to get em. :)

The shipping time did take longer than I'm used to. It took about a month from when they shipped it, to the day it came to my door. After enquiring about the long wait, I was happy to actually get a response and reason for the delay! Everyone who dealt with me were really nice and informative, and helped me figure out that the lenses were caught in Customs for a while, before continuing their long trip from Malaysia to Canada.

The packaging was a standard envelope, but inside was a cute little package with a nice message printed on it! Inside of that was a cute animal lens case (Hippos are my favourite animals!'d they know?!) as well as the vials with the lenses in them.

After soaking them overnight, I decided to try them out today and see how it goes :) 

Here comes some  photo spam- 

 No eyes look black..kinda awesome lol

One in and one can see the enlargement..and my slight cross eye'd-ness...

Both in! :) really pretty huh?
[Bathroom Lighting]

(wow I look too pale here.. dear sunlight, help?)

[Various Daytime Lighting]

So as you can see, the lenses are very close to my natural eye colour, in fact they actually lighten my eyes up a bit. They look quite large for a standard 14mm, but that is due to the darker outside ring, which blends really nicely with the lighter brown colour. The design is really subtle, which I like, but when looking really close its easier to see. 

At first the lenses weren't that comfortable. They kept moving around and getting stuck to my eyelids when I blinked...but as I wore them more (about an hour and a half) they have settled down, and feel like I'm not wearing any lenses. My eyes don't even feel dry or irritated, which i really like.

Over all, these lenses gave me the exact look and feel that I wanted. Something subtle and natural looking. They are also very affordable and comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. That paired with Lens Village's great customer service and huge selection, makes a very happy customer! I definitely recommend both the lenses, and the shop! Take a closer look, and check out what they have to offer!

And just cuz I can...Nerd Pic!

Happy Wednesday! 
My next posts will probably consist of my colourful circle haul (If it arrives soon!) as well as my mini Mall Haul, or food posts...cuz I love foods!! So Stay Tuned!!

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