Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lioele Lip Color Stick Review!

Ahhh, today was a pretty great day!! I met up with some friends for a lunch of Dukbokki and Bulgogi, some of my favourite foods on this planet, and then had a date night with my boyfriend! ^^ On top of that, I came home to find a pretty little package waiting for me on my doorstep :)

Omg..the food was almost too good..*drool*
hello friends on other side of the table ^^ and leg of friend beside me! lol

Now, what could that package be you ask? My Lioele Lip Color Sticks of course! I was amazed that it arrived only 5 days after I ordered from my new favourite site,! The package contained my lip colour set of 4 "flavours" as well as a sharpener and a little music note toe ring! >.< I love little bonuses!

from left to right: orange, strawberry, banana, cherry

At first look, I was a little nervous if the colours would look good, since they literally looked like harsh pencil crayons...But after putting them on, they instantly melt to a silky, easy to apply layer that moisturises your lips. I love the design since its really easy to define your lips with the tip of the pencil, and blend the colours in nicely using the edge. The colours are also really pretty and can work in a range of different looks! Each is lightly scented with the coinciding flavour which is a really nice soft touch.

Colour 1: Banana (yellow pencil)

This pencil acts more as a natural gloss. It doesn't have much colour, but it does have some light gold sparkles to it. It has a light banana scent and goes well with any natural glossy look! Great for every day/ school look.

Colour 2: Strawberry (pink pencil)

I think that this shade is a little too light for my skin tone, but apparently looks amazing in pictures on me. *Conceded Moment* It is a very light baby pink colour, and would be great for a really girly, dolly make up look. The more layers of colour you add, the more radiant the pink is! It is also lightly scented with a sweet strawberry smell.

Colour 3: Orange (orange pencil)

This one is my favourite! A super cute tangerine shade perfect for spring. Just like the others, it is scented with orange, and when layered the colour becomes more vibrant. This one would be really nice of an everyday shade that can be worn with many different styles and occasions.

Colour 4: Cherry (red pencil)

This colour is gorgeous on, and smells delicious. Definitely more glam then the others, with the bright red almost fuschia tint to it...(maybe that's just for me though..) Definitely a great colour for Valentine's Day, or for any special occasion for that matter. I can definitely see my self wearing this shade with an elegant up-do and hot black dress!

Swatches: Cherry, Orange, Strawberry, Banana
See the sparkle in the banana colour?? 

I got the whole set as a bundle for 25 dollars, which is a great deal, since separately they are 9.60 a piece. The toe ring is really cute as well, although i hate feet so i always wear socks....It will make a decent ring though ^^

Still to come, I have reviews on some other Lioele products, clip on bangs, as well as some new circle lenses! hopefully I will have received them all next week! Stay Tuned!! :)

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