Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Jewels

It is finally time for my long awaited jewelry haul that eluded to like last month. I've been so lazy and sick on and off that I haven't had time to properly review / wear half the jewelry. Anyways, lets get started.

I bought most of these form a store called detox, Claire's and various other random places. I bought a little of all of the new jewelry trends for spring, Christian influences, vintage and nautical pieces, mainly in gold with intricate or colourful designs.

Ive always loved earrings, so i always go crazy and buy way too many, plus I have 5 ear holes to put them in so i guess its ok. The nautical ones came in a 3 pack, with really cute anchors, star fish and large rhinestones all on gold. I love these earrings since their not too small but don't cover my other ear holes either <3

Since my name starts with M, I couldn't resist these cute monogram earrings, again in gold and a really nice size. The cross earrings I fell in love with after watching one of my favourite British beauties,Vous sont Beau et Belle rave about her cute top shop cross earrings, so when I found these I was super excited! The are a medium/ large sized earring made of thick sturdy metal again in gold.

These last ones aren't really my style, but I thought they were too cute to pass up..and only a dollar. :) The cute rose stud surrounded by little rhinestones gives off a really cute and elegant vintage style, and adds a bit of girlish charm to a smart outfit.

Now onto bracelets and rings. This first bracelet would go along really well with the cross earrings, if I wanted to get down like that (which I deff wouldn't). Again thanks to that beautiful blogger, I fell in love with this cute stretchy stackable bracelet. Its scenes from the bible colourfully depicted onto brown wooden beads. Its really pretty and makes for a nice statement piece. 

The next bracelet is one of my FAVOURITES! Its a harness style bracelet, with a chain leading from the ring to the bracelet. The main section of the bracelet has 2 song birds, with one on the ring, and a chain combining the 3. <3

Finally the ring. I actually got this for a Christmas present from my sister, but lost it until recently so I put it in with this haul lol. Its a super cute metal design bent to fit the finger. Its a great statement ring, and has a very vintage feel to it.

Last but not least my necklaces. I bought 3 new ones recently, but left one at my boyfriends house >.> but it will probably be in an OOTD thing eventually. My favourite for the 2 I have in my possession, is defiantly this elephant one. I love the colours and how it brightens up my outfits without being too extreme. Its a really good length too, plus elephants have been my favourite since Dumbo haha

The last one is this "twisted tusk" necklace. I love the black and white marbling, and the delicate design around the top with black and cream. This adds some edge to my outfit, and again sits at a really nice length.

And just a quick shot of my nails :)

That's it for tonight, but stay tuned for my long awaited circle lens reviews! I have Finally received my lenses from and am way excited to try em out!

Good night you beautiful readers you!

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