Tuesday, April 24, 2012

After a long long day of work, I came home to find not one but two lovely packages waiting for me on my bed :). The first was my 3 lenses I ordered from Solution-Lens coming all the way from Thailand! The next was coming from Hong Kong, and inside were all my goodies from Borne Pretty Shop! Ill be doing all those reviews later this / next week, but here's a sneak peak!

Package 1:                                           Package 2:

Now for todays happenings. Before work I had a few minuets to kill so I wondered to Ardene's, a slightly random tween / wholesale / nick-nacky store. You really cant go wrong with deals like 2 for $20 on shoes, 5 for $10 on hair and socks and 2 for $6 on nail polish and makeup! 

Todays venture resulted in a whole lot of 2 for $6 items...aka their entire selection of nail polish and also a sporadic compulsion to buy their jumbo liners in black and silvery white.

 += 36.00

Although they aren't Sephora grade eyeliners, they work super amazing for 3 bucks. They are nice and soft, and the colours show up and stay on for a decent length of time. Of course the downsides are that it eventually fades/ droops and make me look like a sleepy witch, but you know what..screw it its a decent quick fix.

- Swatches of Black and Silver -

I'm so excited to do my review on my lenses, so stay tuned!! 

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