Monday, April 30, 2012

Review! Dollar Store Hair Remover

Have you ever seen those commercials for that little pink pad that you rub on your leg, and it exfoliates and gets rid of all the hair? Well, low and behold I found a knock off version at my local dollar store!

The Smooth Skin: Natural Hair Removal Kit, promises hairless soft skin in only a few minutes without pain, a razor or wax. The best part is that its only 2 dollars for a set of 10 (5 small and 5 large remover pads)

Basically its a big emery board with almost non existent grain, that you rub in a circular motion on dry clean skin until the hair is gone and the skin feels like a babies. Ive always wanted to try this product our since I aw infomercials for it, but i never got the chance / trusted ordering things like that on TV, so when I saw it in the dollar store, I figured id try it!

Now for some hairy arm pictures! (oh I'm quite the lady aren't I? ^__^)


This is what my arm looked like after about 15 min of rubbing in different directions

And this it what it looked like completely finished!

Amazed right? I know I was! At first i thought I had wasted 2 dollars, but after trying a bit more, it actually accomplished everything it said it would! So I figured, if it worked that well on dry regular hair, how would it be after a shower when my skin is warm and my pores and follicles are open?

This was after only 5-10 min of rubbing, and I could see the results immediately!

Needless to say, I'm pretty speechless that this 2 dollar knock off product actually worked! The hair is completely gone and my skin feels so smooth and satiny! For 2 dollars I'm most likely gonna buy this again and possibly see how it holds up against the original. Now all I want to know is how long this will last for!! I will definitely be updating this and telling you all my finds!

I'm hopping next week I will have a day off that's decent and sunny so I can review my lenses. :( They look so lonely soaking in their little contact cases. *tear*

Stay Tuned!!

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