Monday, April 2, 2012

A Serious Case of the Mondays :(

Although the weather outside is gorgeous and my happy little rat is enjoying her new tunnel hammock (aka the leg of my fav jeans that ripped), I have an overwhelmingly bummed out feeling.

No matter how much online shopping I do, it doesn't stop my mind from wandering to the outer reaches of sanity, and thinking up the weirdest and most upsetting thoughts it can, just to make me feel incredibly crummy. :(

On days like these the only thing that can really cheer me up is some alone time with one of my favourite "pick me up" Youtube Gurus, Queenie Chan from BEAUTYQQ. Her videos are all so inspirational and not as vanity obsessed as 90% of the other videos I drool over when I'm bored. She always brings positivity and helpful words to bring up anyones spirits, as well as some amazing do it yourself tutorials and makeup tutorials.

Before work today I think I'm going to take a long bath, and have a little vanity session to bring my spirits up.

What do you do when your feeling low? Do you have a go to person or action that brings your spirits up? :)

Coming soon: Contact lens review from Solution Lens!! Stay tuned for my 3 lens haul!

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