Friday, April 6, 2012

mini haul

Yesterday we got in some new great tops at work, and obviously being the shopaholic I am, I could hardly resist not spending some of my freshly deposited paycheck. I limited my self to only 4 things (and one was buy one get one free) so it was rather a good buy and didn't leave too much of a dent in my wallet.

The first thing I picked up was a really pretty short sleeved lace top. It has grey jersey trimming along the neck, arm and bottom hem of the top. Its a really easy to wear top with a comfortable loose fit and looks cute with just blue jeans, or dressed up with a blazer. I really like it and thought it would be a good choice for whatever Easter festivities I have to participate in this weekend.

The next thing I picked up was a long loose casual top. It is burgundy and grey with buttons going all the way down the back. I actually got this in a size large because that was all that was left, but it looks really good tucked into a pair of jeans or belted and worn as a dress. I just love that its a really light long sleeve which will be good for the weather were having right now. (I think the weather is on crack right then snowing then hot? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!)

The last item that I got was a really nice casual sweater. Its a very vibrant blue, 3/4 length sleeve pullover with a wider neck. Its made with really soft warm material and again is perfect for this random weather going on.

The last item I got, I cant show because its a bday present for my sister :3 so instead I'll show my new heels I bought. These were only 30 dollars, and are my new favourite glam shoes. They are quite high but the most comfortable shoes I think Iv ever had on my feet. They have a medium sized heel, and the front platform is curved so its easy to walk in. They are a matte black colour and are just super simple and amazing! I'm planning on wearing them next weekend so new photos of them in action will be up soon!

I also just purchased some fun things from a site called, so those items should be coming to me in a few weeks, which I will review. As well, my lenses are slowly making their way to Canada so stay tuned for those reviews too.

 Thanks for reading! Have a happy Easter Holiday :)

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