Monday, May 14, 2012 Nail Polish Review!!!!

As you may or may not remember from a previous post *cough right here cough*, I ordered some wonderful items from an amazing whole sale site called! They were so kind as to let me choose something to try out from their site, and being the nail polish junky I am, I obviously chose to try out a very interesting polish.

Before I get into the review, I just wanted to say that these are all my own opinions on every thing I try, whether I bought it or it was sent to me. I feel there's no reason to review something if its lies.

The polish I chose is called the Magic Purple/ Pink Mood Changing Polish (#3). As the name suggests, its a colour changing polish using shades of dark purple and a really pretty soft pink colour! On the site its priced as $7.11USD, which for the amount you get vs how many times you have to re apply, is kinda much, in my opinion. With that said, that is with free international shipping, so I cant be too harsh. The colours are beautiful and change depending on the temperature of your hands, Purple when your cold and Pink when your warm!

*click*Ooo Pretty!*click*

Application: 3/5
Like I said previously, it takes a while to get a nice coat of this polish. The first 3 coats go on very streaky, and have a really dull/ tacky look too it texture wise. After doing about 4 coats and a top coat, I got great coverage and a really nice look to my nails.

They look dusty..can you see the streaky goodness?

Drying Time: 5/5
This is the fastest drying nail polish Ive ever tried. By the time I finished one nail and moved on to the next, it was dry. It didn't cause any imperfections when putting on multiple layers which is nice, and it took me only about half an hour to have perfect, fully dry nails!

Colour: 4.5/5
I didn't know how this polish would turn out, but the colours are really beautiful. I was expecting more pigmented of a purple, but it almost looks like a greyish purple. Think a dusty and delicious piece of grape hubba bubba gum. The pink on the other hand is breath taking! I love the effect of the colour change, since my body temperature is random I always have a changing effect going on.

Over All: 4/5
Everything about this polish was amazing. The colour, how the colours changed and drying time were all pretty amazing and exceeded what I thought. It is a smaller portion of polish for the 7 dollar value, but I'm a big cheapo, a lot of my friends think its definitely worth the price. The only thing I didn't like about this polish was the initial look when I put it on. I was pretty distraught thinking I was gonna have weird streaky nails, but a good top coat and a few layers of this baby put those thoughts to rest!

<Sorry for the weird vid..first time lol>

I really do recommend this line of polish! its really cool and a great buy. The colour combinations are like nothing Iv seen from other brands iv been exposed to, and the way they change is mesmerising. If not for this polish, definitely check out the site! there is a lot their for everyone, and amazing gift ideas as well!! Also don't forget to use my coupon code for your purchase!! Any little bit helps right?! ^_^

Hope you enjoyed this review, and my next post will be my Puffy 3 tone brown lenses!! 
Stay tuned! (n_~)

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