Monday, May 28, 2012

Mermaids and Silver

Just a quick post for today. As usually, my computer is broken, so I am stuck begging for my brothers until I find money to fix / get a new laptop (yay -__-").

Anyways, todays post will be short and sweet, just an outfit i put together for work today. Although I'm only supposed to wear clothing from my work, I couldn't help mix it up a bit and wear a statement top from my work with a beautiful skirt that I bought for only 5 dollars!

The top is a sheer light teal and white blousy tank with a small breast pocket. Its really cute on its own or with skinny jeans, but I decided to change it up and put it with a black mermaid skirt. Yes I call it a mermaid skirt, don't ask me why, but I do! Its also been called a high-low skirt, mullet skirt ect.

I kept it simple with a long silver leaf necklace and some strappy black sandals. 

That is all for tonight, but I will be back soon with a huge elf haul as well as a new circle lens review. Review will most likely be up tomorrow night ^^ 

To those who were lucky enough, I hope you had a great memorial long weekend, and to everyone else, I hope you had a good weekend and day at work! 

Stay Tuned for my next post!!

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