Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Born Pretty Haul! (kinda long >.<) Discount codeee

I know, I know, this is a long over due post, BUT I'm finally reviewing my order I received from a wonderful little site called They specialise in mainly nail art, polish, makeup and other beauty supplies, but also have a wide range of apparel, hair products and other great nicknack's and jewelry. Since it was my first time ordering, I decided to get just a few items that iv been searching for online, and some things that were so reasonably priced I couldn't pass them up.
Did I fail to mention that this is a wholesale site? Cause it definitely is! 

I ordered a total of 6 items which came to a whopping 20 dollars. Amazing right?!?!?! Ya, I know, AND there was free shipping, so I'm pretty sure this is my new favourite go to site for everything!

Everything came decently packed with bubble rap and foam paper, but they were unfortunately crammed into a smaller envelope then I thought. I usually get items in small boxes, so I was a little concerned with it being in an envelope with the size of the items. Other then that everything went swimmingly! The postage was from Hong Kong to Canada and it took about 3 weeks, which wasn't too bad at all, and all of the products were in great condition and weren't sketchy knock off items!! (YAY) I highly recommend using this site for your beauty and nail needs! Now onto my items!!

Something that I've always wanted to try were those Japanese strawberry hair rollers. I had seen them around for a few years, but was always sceptical of trying them until more people started using them, especially after their air time on the super popular Dream High 2 TV show. After that a lot of stores raised their prices and lower the amount you get for them. I actually saw one store selling a pack of 4 for 15 bucks! (Rip off!) But this lovely store had a pack of 6 for only 4.08 USD!!! Ya I pretty much died of happy at that!

The next items I bought were an item that I feel like I desperately needed...EYELASHESSSS!! Not many people know / believe that I am part Asian (although small its totally there) and one of the most prominent trait I have is my eyelashes. :( They are short, stubby, straight and pointed down...just wonderful >.<. So I decided to try my luck at those 10 pair boxes :)

I got 2 different types, one very natural box, and a more dramatic gyaru point style box. At 4.23 and 4.83 USD, they were both very reasonable, and one also came with a very good quality eyelash / lid glue as well! Defiantly worth it! Both styles are very wearable and easy to apply, although I do need some help with blending my own terribly  resilient  lashes, but so far so good!

Since I do a lot of nail art, I thought i would try my hand at some actual brushes. I usually like to just use the brushes that come along with the polish, but since I'm becoming more advanced with my art, maybe I should try some real techniques. I got a 15 piece nail art set which includes 3 drawing tools, 7 painting tools, 2 liners,1 dotting tool and2 fan brushes for nail art effects for only 4.74USD. So far I haven't used them, but from what i can tell they are all very good quality with no loose pieces or bristles.
The last thing I got was just a random item that I saw before checking out the rest of my items, and at only 3.47USD it didn't hurt adding it. I got a little epi stick, which as you may already know is just a tightly coiled spring with two spongy bits on either side. Its used as a hair remover for small areas like the face and hurts like a mother!! >.< 
So this completes my haul! I will be doing a more in depth review of each item, so stay tuned if your interested!! Also the wonderful people of born pretty has given me my own discount code!! Type in MEGANW21 for a 5% discount on your total order!! Every little bit helps, and with each time you use my code, you help me get closer to a sponsored giveaway!!

for a  5% discount!!
Next review will be on another born pretty item, Mood Changing polish so stay tuned!! <3

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