Thursday, June 14, 2012

Business Venture? *semi useless post*

Lately I've been thinking about starting my own nail company... well mini nail company, for custom design nails. Ever since I was little I wanted my nails painted, or would be trying to paint them myself with steady baby hands, and ever since I started school I had always had compliments from not just kids but their parents too. That continued as I grew up, even my mom thought I should go to college to get into owning my own nail salon. 

As you readers already know, I love trying out new nail styles, colours and crazy bets that my friends make with me to see how far I can go with my nail art. A lot of people see my nails and ask if I can do I figured why not? I've started thinking up business plans and how I want this all to go..I'm just hesitant to start it, mainly because I don't want to do a shitty job lol.

I really don't have anything to loose though. I already have more then 150 nail polishes, a steady hand, and a ton of ideas..I just need that push of a first customer I guess.

Sorry for my useless post today. :) Just thinking out loud....through computer...shhhhh ;)

If any of you want a custom nail ill do it! lol :P

Ill leave you now with a random picture ^^

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