Monday, June 11, 2012

Port Huron Collective Haul!

A few days ago, me and my family made a wonderful trip over the border to Port Huron, Michigan for some shopping. We usually go there every summer at least 3 times, and so far in the last 3 weeks, we've gone twice, and I've spent a pretty penny each time.

The one thing that got me super excited for going to our favourite shopping destination, Burchwood Mall, is that they have a Target! I love going there for all the cheaper prices and awesome food flavours we don't get in my part of Canada, aka Cherry Pepsi.<3 That, and also that they usually have a full stock of E.L.F cosmetics!! I will be doing another post with my entire elf haul over my last 2 trips, so stay tunes for that lengthy bit of info. 

Todays post will consist of my fashion buys, which really isn't that much compared to how much makeup and back up makeup I bought. :) 1 top, 1 pair of shorts, which I have blogged about previously, some jewelry and 3 pairs of shoes to be exact.

The top I got is really nice for a really hot summer day. Its very light woven material with a really cool and colourful print across the front. It has a cow skull as well as a skull with a native headdress on it, and ties in the front. It actually goes really well with the purple dip dye shorts that I bought from Hot Topic that day. I got the top from a store called Pacific Sunwear (pacsun) for only 9.99USD, and the shorts were only 7.99USD on sale.

 I also got a really pretty gold stretch, heart bracelet with intricate designing on it. I love the way it dresses up a casual outfit, and is more of a cuff style, but still has a feminine look to it. I also got a pair of gold skull earrings and a pair of 10 gauge tapers :). Yes, that is right, I am finally starting to stretch my ears!! 

 So far, it hurts. T_T

I also got 2 necklaces from a store called Rue21. The first is a black bead and spike, wire collar style, which i have been looking for for ages!! I'm so glad I found this, and for only 8.99USD! The other necklace I bought is a really cool mixed metal arrow head necklace. It has silver and gold triangles chained together for a short and trendy looking necklace. I got the second for only 6.99USD.

Now for the shoes! I bought 3 during my trip, 2 from Kohl's, and one from Journeys.  The two from Kohl's were both on sale and were amazing prices so I definitely couldn't pass them up!

The first one I fell in love with were a cream and wood high wedge shoe. Originally it was 74.99, but I got it on sale for only 27.99USD. It has a Tstrap, and strappy beachy look, with a statement white column down the heel, which really caught my eye.

The next ones that I found were originally 59.99 and I bought them for an amazing 17.99USD! Again a wedge shoe, but a little lower then the first pair. They are also a strappy fabric shoe, that features a colourful ethnic print and a statement row of tiny pyramid studs down the center. 

Both are super comfy and feel like I'm walking on a cloud! I really wish I could have found more awesome shoes for those prices, in my size >.>

The last shoe/item I bought was my strappy black sandals from Journeys. These were also on sale for 19.99, and I really only wanted them because they look almost identical to my previous favourite sandals which have ripped. The only difference is that my old ones have a tiny wedge heel on them, but other then that, they are virtually the same.

So there it is for now, that is my shopping haul for the past few trips. I will be posting my elf haul soon since I have everything I want from that company for now. :) 
Stay Tuned!!!

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