Monday, June 4, 2012

Outfit post / Sneak Peak

Another quick post tonight before I wither away to sleep land. I recently went to a comedy club over the weekend and enjoyed an evening filled with lots of laughs and drinks. I really didn't know what to wear since it was my first time going out to a comedy club, and I really didn't want to be over dressed or under dressed for the occasion.

I tried to play it safe with black leggings and a really nice, semi sheer collared top. It just HAD to start raining before I left, so I through on a denim jacket and combat boots to set off the cute collar with some edgy goodness. For a bit of colour, I added a really pretty amethyst crystal necklace I had bought earlier in the day, for only 5 bucks might I add! To tie the purple into the outfit, I did a purple smokey eye with a lively pink lip and a natural looking blush.

I feel like this outfit really went well with the light hearted mood of the comedy club but still looked cute and was very comfortable and chic. I definitely could have worn this look to work or on a date as well, since its so easy to put together and appropriate for almost all occasions.


Now something completely unrelated to the comedy night..but super exciting!! I came home to a new package today! Try to guess whats in it!

It came in a yellow envelope from Thailand  (hmm a lot like another package from a few weeks ago.)
 & Everything was bubble rapped a few times...

Came with a case, and a little bag of bubble wrap

2 vials.........


My Olive Blue Lenses!!!!  

STAY TUNED for a review!! 

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