Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{REVIEW/ OOTD} E.L.F Studio Matte Lip Colour

Many of you have probably heard of the cosmetic company, Eyes Lips Face (elf for short), who sell supreme quality makeup for dollar store prices. They have a wide range of products from cleaners and toners, to base and colour makeup, to makeup tools and polish, all ranging from $1-$25 dollars.
They also have 3 lines, Essential, Studio and Mineral, which all include primers, base makeup, lips and eye makeup as well as tools and polishes, at different price ranges.  Essential which is their range of products from $1-5, Studio is a higher quality at 5-25 dollars and the Mineral brand features 100% natural mineral makeup and cosmetics ranging from around 3-20 dollars. You can find these product in many dollar stores, drugstores and shops like Target or Wallgreens.

As the title says, I will be doing a review of most of the elf studio matte lip colour lipsticks. They are a decent sized lipstick, that come in a crayon like application style, which also features a sharpener at the end of the stick. They are very handy for making correct lines, and for doing outlines which you would need a lip liner for. Currently their are only 6 colours, and i will be reviewing 4 out of the 6, Tea Rose, Natural, Coral, and Praline.

Tea Rose, Praline, Coral, Natural

Since they are the studio line, they cost me $3.00 USD, at Target, which after shopping at Sephora for awhile is definitely a huge bargain! You get a lot to work with and the colours are quite nice depending on your skin tone. They are quite drying and very matte so I do advise wearing a lip balm under or a gloss on top to keep your lips moisturised.

Tea Rose, Praline, Coral, Natural

Here are pictures of me wearing the different colours and what I rate them for myself. I take into consideration how they look on my skin tone, the price, how easy they are to apply and how many times I have to reapply. More info will be with the pictures.

Tea Rose : Daylight

Tea Rose: Bathroom

 This one is really pretty, just doesn't translate that well with my skin tone. It has a pretty lavender tone to it, but since its so matte, like the rest, it comes off a little powdery and cakey. I added some clear gloss over top to tone down the powdery look it gave, which helped it blend a bit more. This colour was achieved after only one application, and lasted a few hours/ until it is wiped off. They all have a really great candy taste to them as well.

Over All: 2/5
P.s this colour looks AMAZING on youtuber Voussonbeauetbell

Praline: Day light

Praline: Bathroom light
For my skin tone, this is the only colour that looks good for everyday wear. Since its a darker orangy colour, it blends well with my natural lip colour and looks a lot less cakey and powdery then the rest. In these pictures I used a light balm underneath so the full matte colour will come through. This one is my favourite out of all of the colours I have.

Over all 4.5/5  

Coral: Daylight

Coral: Bathroom light 
 The colour for this shade is truly gorgeous, the only downfall being that its matte, and makes me look like a drew on my face with chalk .:( I was really hoping that this one would look nice but it failed me as well. Like the others it did go on very smooth with only one application and lasted all day

Over all: 2/5

Natural: Daylight

Natural: Bathroom Light

This is the last one I bought. It almost looks like a mix of praline and coral when its on, with all the chalkyness to boot. As well, goes on smooth, and tastes great..not for my skin tone but not as bad as the others sans Praline.

Over all: 3/5

Over all they were all pretty disappointing. If you have a darker skin tone and want to try these out, I suggest Praline, and only Praline.. They do have a nice red one, but you could get a higher quality one instead. At 3 dollars, they did surprise me with their quality and how much attention to detail the makers must have put in to make these some really great lipsticks. Although I am impressed, i wish they had more colours suitable for more skin tones, and also less of a cakey appearance.

Lastly here is my outfit I wore today ^.^

Simple and it was kinda cool out so opted for pants..For shoes I wore some simple white converse.

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