Sunday, July 22, 2012

{Nail Art} Sparkle sparkle

I have finally gotten around to doing something fun with my nails this week, after a long battle with frail and chipping nails. I recently ran out of my favorite nail remedy, the sally Hanson nail hardener, and my nails have been hating me for being too lazy to buy more :(.

Since my nails are now short and a square tip, due to breakage and the like, I decided to do an updated sparkly manni. Now I say updated because I only used those sparkly top coat type nail polishes that my would only let me wear when I was little. This sparkly polish is making a comeback and is quickly growing as a nail trend which i have seen in dramas like I do, I do, and just around the city.

I decided to do a gradient sparkle over top of my natural nail, which only consisted of a base coat, and a few coats of sparkly top coat building up towards the bottom of the nail. I also decided to do some accent nails by adding some sparkly rhinestones to the tops of my finger nail.

This look is super pretty, modern and a very grown up take on a very juvenile type of polish. It is suitable for work, formal occasions or just everyday wear.

Try it out, and stay tuned! I will be doing some lipstick reviews and also a haul video next week!

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