Friday, July 20, 2012

Birthday Haul

Today's post is just a round about post of everything that's been going on since my birthday (as well as all my presents >.<). I didn't get anything on my previous birthday list post, but everything I did get was really thoughtful and I obviously loved. With the cash I got, I should be able to get myself something on that list soon!

The first thing I got for my birthday was from my mom :). She bought me this little silver, double heart necklace. I love how delicate the chain and pendent is, and I've never had anything so dainty before. It will go with a lot of more elegant and grown up styles.

My mom also took me out to H&M and Forever 21, shopping where I dug a little too deep into my birthday money, but ended up buying some really amazing pieces! (They will be in a separate post or haul video which I will upload to my blog and add more detail to styles and prices....still thinking about that idea = / ) 

My boyfriend got me a beautiful ice cream, strawberry shortcake cake, and a few new manga! <3He got me cirque du freak, a manga of one of his favourite book series growing up, and Claymore, one of my favourite animes, next to Sailor Moon of course!

From my friends, I received this really pretty skull and crystal bracelet, rose belly button ring (I'll probably wear it as an earring), and this little panda charm for my Pandora bracelet.

After my birthday, me and my boyfriend took a trip up to his cottage. it was so nice and relaxing, swimming and having no Internet... lol. We also took a boat ride around Georgian Bay, so I will finish off the rest of this post with pictures from my trip!

This seagull was flying beside my head half of the boat ride.

View from the Dock

These are some of the pictures I took from the boat ride. :) It was so pretty!

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