Monday, July 9, 2012

Birthday List!!

Probably not many people on my blog know that Wednesday, July 11th, is my 21st birthday! *Does birthday dance* I literally only realised this a few days ago, and now Ive been wondering what I really want for my birthday.

I like getting things I actually need as presents, since those things are usually more expensive, and my family will lovingly get items for me or at least help me foot the bill. This year I only have 2 expensive things that I want, and both will help me not only in the future with school, but also later on in my career. If you guys wanna get me a little somethin' somethin' , I wont mind either ;)

The first thing I want is the Intuos.5 Touch, professional pen tablet from Wacom. I'm sure many of you artsy bloggers and fashion lovers have heard of a graphic tablet, and Ive been wanting one for some time now. It would make assignments for school and illustrations so much easier, cleaner and save me so much time working with clients and freelancing. Like I said, it does cost a pretty penny at about $400USD. 

The semi expensive thing that I would like, is a remote for my Nikon camera! It would be so much easier to take pictures of myself without having to use my iphone haha.

The last things I would like would be a new sewing machine!!! UGH the glorious things I could do if i only had a new machine to do them with :'(. A new singer  would be so nice!!

Well that is all for tonight, I will leave you with a picture I took a few days ago ^^

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