Friday, July 6, 2012

3 year anniversary!! PIC HEAVY {makeup, food, outfit)

So today was me and my boyfriends 3 year anniversary. :)
We met each other in our last year of high school, and started dating that summer. Funny thing is we have 2 anniversaries, today and tomorrow, because we forgot when he asked me out, since it was exactly 1:11 am on either July 6th or 7th.

We planned on going to our favourite Korean & Japanese restaurant, Gozen since its cheap and we both love the food..doesn't hurt that that's where we had most of our dates, and anniversaries at.

Since we were going to the same place we always go to, I thought I would spice things up a bit by doing a different makeup style then what I or Zach was used to using one of the lenses Zach helped me pick out. Since these lenses are a huge favourite with the gyaru community, I decided to try a toned down gyaru makeup look. :)

Like I said, this look was inspired by my Sesame grey circle lenses and a toned down gayru look. I kept my face clean and natural using my elf tinted moisturiser, and sephora face powder. I did a light pink cheek with my elf tickled pink blush on the apples of my cheeks, and my elf candid coral as a highlight.

For my eyes, I used a golden colour on my inter corners, and blended them out with a light grey/copper shadow from my lid to the crease. I used a peach colour on my upper lid, and blended that back into the gold colour I used on my brow bone.

For eyeliner, I used my Joe (Joe fresh) Liquid felt tip liner, and I broke out my natural looking(ish) falsies. :) They were a little huge, so I cut them in half and used them just on the ends of my eyes, to give off a sexy, girly vibe. For my lips I used my Revlon lip butter in Pink Parfait.

My outfit consisted of a really cute dress I bought last year, that Ive never worn before. It has a lace bib style top with a Mandarin collar and buttons all the way down the front. I paired it with a cute satin and chain black belt

My shoes are a black wedge peep toe with an ankle strap, which matched my belt and my purse. :)
I kept my jewelry super simple, only wearing my regular rings and a silver chain bracelet.

Now enough talk, here's some food and more pictures!

 Unagidon <3 eel with rice and an egg..soo good!
LA Kalbi beef and rice
 Zach is shy...
 <3 my baby <3

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