Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Leaf & Lush Review

As I promised, I am getting back into blogging full time. I just moved to a new city, and I definitely feel a new rush of creativity overall happiness and purpose.

Todays post will be about a new mask I got to try out recently that I got from Lush! As some of you may know, Lush is a wonderfully amazing store that sells organic, handmade cosmetics and bath and body items. They even have the expiration dates on the back, and also tells the date they were made and by who. Their main goal is to sell organic products that were made with fair trade ingredients, while sending the proceeds from their products to various causes and charities. 

Their staff are all super knowledgeable about all the items in store, how they were made and how they benefit your body which really helps to narrow down what is best for you. I myself wanted a mask that helps brighten the skin as well as exfoliate, and I was introduced to the Love Lettuce mask.

Made with ingredients like lettuce, almonds, almond oil and honey, this mask claims to buff and brighten your skin to create a brighter and healthier complexion, and that's exactly what it did.
When you open the black pot, you are greeted with a pleasant earthy smell, and a green, smooth paste. It feels really refreshing putting it on your face, since it is cool and the smell is really soothing. The past goes on smooth, but you can feel little chunks of almond as you smooth it over your skin, which help to remove dead skin cells. When the paste dries, it becomes a bit tight and will start to flake if you move your face around a lot, but its not as tight and constricting as some other masks.

After about 10 min looking like a green monster, its time to rinse. When washing, I messaged my face so that those little chunks of almond could get all the dead skin cells of and to get all that lettucy goodness into my skin and then rinsed with cool water.

Let me just say, this mask worked wonders! When I looked into the mirror my skin was flawless and  certainly looked much brighter and was so soft I couldn't stop touching my face.
(i forgot to take before pictures, but seriously this stuffs amazinggg)
I really recommend getting this mask, or trying out their other products at lush. At first I didn't know what all the hype was about with their bath bombs, masks and makeup, but after trying some of their products, I can truly say they are amazing!
If you don't believe me, just try them out for yourself! The staff will give you free trials of items in store and teach you about what products will be best, so don't just take my word for it.
I will be updating my blog frequently so check out what comes next!

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