Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October Haul cont.... -___-" late post!

It seems I have spoken way too soon on my last monthly haul post. Alas, on the last day of October I kind of splurged... It was rainy and cold and such a sad day, soooo shopping cured my bad day blues!

As you can see in the picture, I bought a few shoes and a new jacket. I also got a new lipstick and a really cute clutch!
This is the lipstick I bought, Revlon's super lustrous lipstick in the colour sultry sable. Its the perfect wine colour for this season, and the perfect match for my skin tone.
 The clutch I bought was from Anthropologie, and I love it to bits! its the perfect size to hold everything i need, but small enough to go with an elegant dress or a hot night out dress. At 28 dollars it was a great buy or this chic and thoughtful bag. It is actually a constellation bag, which has a constellation on the front, your birth sign on the back as well as 3 words best describing your sign on the inside. They come in grey with silver, and gold and cream.
 (Cancer : Protective, Intuitive and Nurturing)
A close up picture of my new shoes!! A pair of black suede wedge boots at 30 dollars...
And i caved and bought these gorgeous black, suede and spike Lita knockoffs for 35 dollars.
Last but not least, I bought this really cute, 2 toned leather and tweed jacket. Its actually extremely warm and gives off a really nice, crisp look. It only cost me 20 bucks which was a great price from its original 64 dollars.
Stay tuned for my next post, my October Beauty and Health Favs!! Also I have been nominated for the blogging Leibster Awards, so be sure to check out my upcoming post with my nominations and some questions about me!! Hope everyone is having a great day!

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