Wednesday, July 24, 2013

MY 100TH POST!! -Beyonce Concert-

Sunday night I was finally able to see one of my favourite performers live at the Rogers Center in Toronto. As you may have guessed that is the Queen B herself, Beyonce! The tickets were a gift from my sister for my 22nd birthday, and it was one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen. But lets start from the beginning...

It was a lazy Sunday so I was napping when my sister came in and told me to get ready for the concert with a mere hour to spend getting showered and quaffed to perfection. My outfit was simple, comfortable and fabulous. 

Crop top - Urban Planet
Boyfriend Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Ardene's (i know right?!)
 Bag- H&M

The finished product..

After a quick subway ride to meet up with the other girls (I went with my sister and her two friends), we decided to get a pre-game meal at Hot House for their Summerlicious deals. Now if you don't know Summerlicious, you should definitely look it up. Its an annual food festival that happens in the summer as well as during a few winter months, called Winterlicious. Basically a bunch of restaurants around Toronto make a special menu where you pick an appetizer, main and a dessert for an amazing deal. I chose to get cesar salad, surf and turf as well as a cheese cake for only 25 dollars! And let me tell you, it was the perfect way to kick off a perfect night!

Now fast forward to getting to sitting and waiting for Beyonce to make her appearance. An amazing performer named Luke James just finished belting out his songs and dancing like a mad man, serenading all the ladies in the building. The lights went down and the banner for Beyonce was covering the stage as the set it up for her arrival.

When the lights went down, and the banner went up and there within a few minutes my girl was working the stage. 

The thing I loved most about watching her show was that it wasn't just "Her" show. Everyone involved had their own time to shine, and she had the most amazing visuals. You can tell that she appreciates art in all art forms, and that she gives everyone a chance to shine through out the whole event. In between her big costume changes she had videos playing that told a story and helped to introduce the next song. The visuals were absolutely breathtaking and the words behind the videos were inspiring. She also featured four dancers, two doing an amazing modern dance and 2 doing a beautiful ballet number. Le Twins, the only males  in her troupe also preformed their own duet before Beyonce came out again. 

She also featured 3 members from her band, her lead guitarist, her drummer as well as her lead piano player who played the most amazing piece i have heard on a grand piano in a while.

At the end of the night, she finished off with halo, one of my absolute favourite songs by her, and she looked heavenly in an all white costume with bedazzled hot pants. During the song she had an amazing smile and such a grateful expression. I cant imagine how amazing it must be for her every night to hear a stadium full of people screaming for you and singing the words with you. 

As she said during the concert, " This isn't MY show, its OUR show..."

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