Thursday, July 18, 2013

[Outfitting] - Arguing With Thermometers

Today I share with you my first fashion post! Since I have finally gotten a hold of a tripod (THANKS ILHAN), I can now take pictures of myself modeling some of my sweet fashion finds. You may have already seen some of these items from my last post! 

Shirt =  Thrifted
Skirt / Bag =  H&M
Shoes =  Zara
Necklace = Anthropologie
Rings = Peoples, thrifted
Wrist band = Urban Planet

Sorry for the yellow wash on everything. I live in a basement apartment and it doesn't have the best lighting ever. I promise my next fashion shoot will be better!! 

This skirt is super short, but so amazing all at the same time. Its so comfortable and keeps me cool. The boots aren't as comfortable as I was dreaming they would be but they just look oh so fierce. I'm hoping to do an outfit post once a week maybe more! I hope you enjoyed.

Stay tuned for some great dollar store finds in my next post!

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