Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Birthday Haul...and some other bits and bobs

A week late, but hey.. Ive been working and doing grown up things ok. BUT I finally have the first half of my birthday haul! I say first half because I'm sure I'm going to use the rest of my birthday money to buy a lot more things I don't need, so without further adieu....

the neatest pile you will ever see in my room. 

First up, ill start with my gifts;

As a beauty card holder at Sephora, every year for my birthday i get a different gift. Last year i got the sugar lip tint and lip balm. This years is the beauty duo from Benefit, their amazing mascara and champagne sheer highlighter.

These are all little gifts my friends got me. A sweet gold stud bracelet, black tunnels as well as another pair of silver and jeweled tunnels. My ears are stretched to a 0 so these are some of my new ear candy!

Do you guys remember making those thread bracelets on the bus coming home from school in the 90s? My friends do and they bought me a bunch of em! (This is only half..)

Now for things I bought on behalf of me being old!
Starting off with items from H&M

These pants were in the sale section. The blue wash jeans were 15 bucks and the grey acid wash was 12. I love going and getting amazing deals like these!

This skirt is another really cute item that was on for 19.95. It is full stretch and has a zipper up the back but its super short. My legs are a little too long to wear this successfully without any mishaps...although there will be an outfit post with it soon :D STAY TUNED FO DAT.

Only the tights in this picture are from H&M. A 4 pack for 6.95...cant go wrong with that!
I also bought some vitamin E oil which was on sale (yay sale)

I have been eyeing this purse for weeks now, and finally treated myself to it. It comes in black and this white, and they both have the gold spikes on the bottom. I was so torn between the black and white, but I love that the white has the statement black piping around it.

The last item from H&M is this super gorgeous light weight cardi. It was only 14.95 and features a sweet geo star print. As light weight as it is, its still way too hot to wear out in this disgusting heat were having.

Now onto Zara, which is currently having a HUGE summer sale, although only a few things caught my eyes...and those things are...

This striped tulip kind of striped skirt. It has pockets and is a nice length although I did buy a size or two too big. I bought a medium, but if I want to wear it at my waist I just fold it over and put a bobby pin in the side to hold it together. I do like it big though since it will give me a great item to look forward to outfitting in the fall. Also this skirt was 19.99

Next up are these beauties! 

I absolutely loveeee these boots. They were just there waiting for me. All alone. My size. Destiny. 
At 29.99 i had to pick them up and I literally hugged them to my chest and didn't put them down or take them out of my site the entire time! I have seen other bloggers wearing these a while ago, but I'm sure they didn't get them for the steal price I got them for!

And last, but not least my purchases from Urban Planet. 

I am absolutely in love with this skirt. I have been looking for a black faux leather mini for such a long time, that I nearly gave up until I saw this beaut. I love the cut of it and that it has the zipper pockets, although its quite small....even though its a size large. It was only 17 bucks though, so that's not bad at all.

Another thing I obsessed over was this galaxy print crop tee that I bought for 10 bucks. Its getting a little lost in my quilt but the colours are mainly purple, pink and orange and there are moons, starts and planets through out the whole thing. Anyone that knows me knows how much  love astrology and this top makes me feel so good when I wear it.

And that is it for my haul... for now

Please check back soon for more and also more reviews! 
Comment and follow please <3

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