Tuesday, July 16, 2013

efoxcity wholesale site!

I don't know if you've noticed a trend, but I LOVE wholesale sites! One I have recently stumbled upon is efoxcity.com which features men's and women's fashion as well as specialty items like wedding dresses, party dresses and special occasion pieces.

As it is the summer and a lot of different things are happening, i find myself scouring more and more fashion site for inspiration and then going to wholesale sites to find similar styles at the most amazing prices! For instance, I have a wedding coming up in august that i need to go to, and i have been looking for something gorgeous, not super expensive and something that you cant find too easily in stores. While looking through the site I found this gorgeous dress in their Cheap Formal Dresses Special Occasion section.

Another thing me and my sister are looking for (well soon to be sister in law) are wedding dresses!! Now, I'm not sure id be buying my dress online, but for the deals I'm seeing online and the look of these beautiful dresses, I'm starting to think about it more and more. I know my future fiancé would be extremely happy with how much money we'd be saving. I am a more fashion forward girl, so i would definitely be interested in Fashion Wedding Dresses for  2013. Again looking through i found some amazing dresses. My top 3 are

For my sisters tropical destination wedding, Wedding Dresses Under 100 would be best. Something like this dress would be amazing for her, and work so well for her body shape

Over all these items are pretty great, and the site also features a money back guarantee as well as international shipping. The site itself is extremely easy to shop, and is really helpful in splitting categories so you can truly find what your looking for.

Some other things I'm liking are pictured below: 

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