Monday, July 29, 2013

[Outfitting] - Blissed Out

This is my second attempt at taking some fashion photos. Totally better then my first round in my opinion, but still not where I want my photos to be.. but I'm getting there! I definitely need some better lighting and maybe a better camera / to learn how to use mine better. I would say this lighting is a bit better though and so is my editing.

Top - Detox
Shorts - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Urban Planet
Lipstick - Top Shop
Sunnies - Market

These are pretty much my first pair of urban renewal shorts and I am completely in love with them, even though all of my friends have told me I should have just thrifted and made them myself. That will be an upcoming project, if it ever gets warm again :(. I love the marbled effect and all the super shredded-ness going on. It gives off such an effortless chick rock look. It took about an hour to find the perfect pair of shorts though, since they are all literally cut up jeans with different fits and different quality denim. I'm glad I stayed and searched!

I paired the shorts with my super old "rocker" print tank from detox and my favourite dupe shoes, my 20 dollar spiked faux suede Lita's.  

I almost cant wait till fall so I can wear these shorts with some cute tights and thigh high socks! <3

Have you ever tried the renewal shorts from Urban Outfitters? 


  1. loving those shoes! and huzzan for being from canada!
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Thank you! i got them for only like 30 bucks!! Follow my blog if you like what you read because there will be more of it!! :)

  2. oh i like the midnight blue + gold combo here :)


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