Monday, August 5, 2013

Sit Back and Let Em Shine

In a recent post, I gave you guys a sneak peak at some items I'd be receiving in the post, and on Friday the one I was most excited about arrived!!

I have wanted Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane's for a while now, but after seeing the price vs the reviews I decided that it'd be best to get knock offs of the knock offs. After turning to google and searching some things, I found this wonderful blog by Bre. I love this blog because not only does this girl have some amazing shoe style and taste, she also is the best at finding dupes and knock offs of great trendy shoes like its her day job! (Love it!). After browsing through some of her postings I found these babies.

Wild Diva Lounge "Credence-11" in Black 
Available at Make Me Chic ($32.90), UrbanOG ($33.20), Go Jane ($35.10)

On Bre's blog, she lists the different stores that have the item as well as their prices. After hmming and hawing, I decided to get these shoes off of the UrbanOG website. They were the cheapest in my size, and I also got a sweet deal with a 25% coupon they had. All together my purchase came to 40 dollars (with shipping) and it sent within 7 business days! 

The shoes came in a shoe box within a bigger box, and was not crushed or broken in any way. I always am worried about shipping things like this since if it is crushed, odds are the item will be broken inside.

The shoes fit amazing too! I am always worried when buying any shoes if they actually fit properly because my feet are big and wide (I'm a size 9 or a 10). This site only had a 9 available so I figured Id take the plunge and sell them if it didn't work out. BUT THEY DID!!

I will be doing an outfit post with them soon :) 

What shoes are you dying over?? 
Would you rather buy dupes or the originals?


  1. *SQUEEEE!*

    I have no words right now! Love this! <3

    1. yay im glad you enjoyed!! thanks for checking it out, and thank you for your awesome blog helping me find my (OUR) amazing shoes!!

  2. These shoes are gorgeous!! I might have to buy some for myself :) I've just found your blog and it's wonderful!
    From your newest follower,
    Jess xx

    1. im so happy you liked my post and the rest of my blog!! means alot to hear some feedback :)


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