Thursday, August 8, 2013

Butterflies with punctured wings

I am always up for getting new clothing and accessories, but something else I cant really say no to are piercings and tattoos! So far I have 3 tattoos and a few piercings that aren't on my ears.

I have always loved the whole alternative look, but struggled trying to figure out how to express myself while still being able to do the things I want. Work, future careers as well as how other people see me all play a factor, but I realize I wont be happy until I try these things that I want.

Here are my tattoos to date:

This was the first one I got on my 18th birthday. The bird is holding a necklace which is one my grandmother and mom gave me when I was born. It actually broke while I was getting tattooed so I asked my artist to incorporate it.

This tattoo is actually my favourite to date. As some of you may have noticed, I have a bit of a thing for octopi. I almost always wear my bronze octopus necklace, and now I finally have one on my skin! 

This is what it looks like on a heart monitor when your heart skips a beat. I got it on my ring finger because I want the person I marry to make my heart skip a beat. Corny I know =P

As I said I have a few piercings (including stretched ears to a 0 gauge), my nose and my be
lly button. The other day I finally got one I have been aching for over the last couple of months; my septum!!

I really think this piercing balances out my face, and I love that i can flip it up and out of view, once in heals of course. I love the look it gives, and it actually gave me a huge boost in confidence.

Well there is my post for tonight, I hope you enjoyed! 
Do you have any piercings or tattoos? How do you feel about an alternative look in the work place?

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