Friday, August 9, 2013

Can You Hear The Silence, Can You See The Dark..

...mmm BMTH...

The other day I did a rather large purchase from the wholesale site I have been creeping this website for quite some time and wondering if I should purchase from them or if I should just browse and find something in stores closer to home. After about four or five months of having the same items in my shopping cart (and checking everyday for new items...kind of obsessed..), I finally clicked purchase!

I figured I'd give a little preview of what is to come in a future post, 5 -17 business days to be exact.

Ive been obsessing over these crisscross leggings since last December, and I finally figured i wouldn't find them any cheaper and probably better off just getting them. One thing I love about this site is that almost everything has sizes! Not that 'one size' crap that all other wholesale sites claim.

After biting the bullet on that first pair of leggings, all hell broke loose and I was adding all kinds of leggings to my cart. I finally audited my collection and settled on getting these two styles as well.

While scrolling through the endless pages of awesome things, I also found this really cute body con skirt. During the months of having it in my shopping cart, I started seeing a few other bloggers doing outfit of the days with this skirt. Although Id probably do something all black, cuz that's just me, I saw a lot of really cute outfits. 

I think I have some sort of shopping OCD, because I need to make everything as balanced as possible. "I have so many bottoms but no tops", I though to myself.. so I found some cute things to pair with my leggings! One of them being this super cute striped tee shirt. I can also wear this to work since there's something super similar but costing 8 times this price (literally.. 88 dollars..)

On a lot of Korean fashion sites Ive seen so many cute cut out tees, *cough* stylenanda*cough*. When I saw this shirt, I figured i might as well have it too because its so pretty! haha

Last but not least was this tie die black and cream cardigan. I love wearing cardigans, but I find all the ones I end up buying are so... stupid looking. I love the tie die of this one and I'm excited to pair it with a simple pair of jeans and a plain tee.

So that's all the clothes that should be coming in the post for me next week *fingers crossed!!!*. 
I also did an order from bornpretty like..2 seconds after this one, but that post will be for another night ;)

How many of you guys stew over a full online shopping cart before taking the plunge?

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