Monday, September 2, 2013

We Got Our Own Style

I had a great little vacation for the last 2 weeks, visiting friends and family back home, but is it bad that the best part was coming back home and seeing these?

ALLLL my purchases finally came in and it was almost like Christmas coming into my room to find all of my packages. :)

Of course I tore into them out of sheer joy before taking pictures but I have re created everything as close as possible so you can experience the joy with me.

This is unfortunately only a preview of all the things i got from Banggood, Coco-fashion and Bornprettystore.


Born Pretty:

Bang Good:

I have alot to go through so be patient and stay tuned! There is much more to come!


  1. Hello! I'm trying to find a way to e-mail you but I can't seem to find it on your site. Could you kindly let me know what it is because I would love to swap links with you. (I own a large fashion magazine).

    1. hi, if youd like to email me you can reach me at :) thanks


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