Friday, August 23, 2013

Efoxcity Likes

I was so pleased with my first run in with that I thought I would do another post about their awesome online shop. Like I said in my previous post, they have everything from men's wear to women's, accessories and even specialty things like wedding dresses and party dresses.

The items are of decent quality as you may have seen with my last necklace post, and definitely worth checking out at their wholesale prices. In this post I will be highlighting some more items that I really like out of the discount evening dresses, men's t-shirts (suitable for comfy over sized sweaters) and summer dresses categories!

Even though I already wrote a post about possible wedding dresses I would like, the site recently updated their stock (which they do every day with new arrivals) and I found the most amazing black and white dress I've seen in a very long time! I usually go straight to the wedding dress section, but this time I checked out the Discount Evening Dress category. The base of it is a crisp white colour with mesh and black lace embroidery layered over top. It says that its a sheath dress but its more of a mermaid fit and flare type of silhouette, which would make the perfect shape on pretty much anybody. The way the lace cascades over the dress also really helps to define the waist and curves in an oh so flattering way.


I never usually look at men's clothes but they did have some really nice things on their site. I for one, love wearing huge over sized guys sweaters since they are usually so comfy and look really good rolled up. They give off that really cool effortless over sized chic style which is great for comfy days and pairing with some cute skinny jeans and heals. a great place to find some awesome over sized tees is in the Men's T-shirts section.


I really really love this t-shirt since it has a really cool galaxy print, which I love, and also those amazing two toned baseball sleeves which I also love! This would be such a cute shirt to wear with fun  black and mesh leggings and my lita's!

Something cute I found in the Summer Dresses section, was a beautiful sequin and chiffon dress. It was pretty much exactly what I wanted to wear for my birthday this past July, although I couldn't find anything similar in stores. This dress would again go amazingly with my pair of lita's and even if I made a really cute harness for the top. I love taking really cute dresses and then making them super edgy!


What do you like from this site?

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