Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Urban Hauls!

So as promised, I have another haul post for you guys! This time its featuring stuff from my two favourite Urban stores, Urban Outfitters and its lower priced friend Urban Planet. Now I usually get flak for shopping at Urban Planet, but really... if I can find the same thing probably made in the same factory but 20 dollars cheaper...its a no brainer.

Without further adieu, here are my new pretty items..mainly in black and white I've noticed...

Leather High Waisted Shorts - $20
These are one of the cutest shorts I've seen in a very long time. I have been on the hunt for the perfect leather shorts and these babies are them! They are a high waisted leather short, that actually covers my whole butt cheeks! Which is extremely hard to do..I had purchased some from H&M before, but they never really hit that sweet spot of totally fulfilling my leather short dreams.
They look super similar to Amy Valentines vintage shorts.

Acid Wash Boho Jacket - $15
I found this beauty while browsing the sale section. It wasn't my absolute fave since I'm not really a fan of boho looks, and the wool panelling was a touch too boho for me. Putting it on changed my perspective though. It has an amazing fit and I love the shade of the acid wash. Now if only I could find pants in this same wash!

Dark Symbols Tank - $10
I have always loved symbols and even went into studying them ( semiotics ) so when I found this shirt I kinda fell in love with it. Its definitely a striking piece to add to a wardrobe and really fun to mix and match styles with.

Nabi Polish - 2/$5
Rose, Neutral, Hot Red
Since falls around the corner (already!!!) I thought I would buy some new fall polishes in colours that I don't have already. I absolutely loveeee the neutral and red shade, and the rose colour is a nice girly dark shade as well. They go on super smooth and only really need one coat to successfully cover your nail in an even coat. They do start to wear quickly but still amazing quality for the price.

Spike Earrings - $3 / Arrow Necklace - 2/$5
These little accessories are really cute. The earrings fit super close to the ear, and look really nice in my second ear holes beside my stretched ears. Usually any earring I put in takes away from the look of my ears but these are really nice and oddly enough quite subtle. 

The necklace was really cute and there's one at my work for like a billion dollars more. I love wearing it with a really busy top since I always like having a necklace on, and it fits high enough that I can still layer longer necklaces with it.

Patent Booties - $30
THEEESEEEE. Are so cute. They are so 90s with a nice modern heel. I am so excited to pair these with my thrifted school girl skirt for a Clueless kinda look

White Lace babydoll Top - $9.99
I love this top although I have yet to find something amazing to pair it with. It has a baby doll fit and is one of those shirts that only look good with nothing underneath, although there is no bra that looks decent with it. I love the quarter sleeve and the all over lace and try to wear it pretty much everyday until I psych myself out with the nakedness underneath.

Two Toned Shift Dress - $29.99
This is is what I call the perfect everyday flapper dress. It has such a 1930's vibe going on with its super simple cut and faux two piece look.  It is extremely shapeless which I love, and makes my curvier shape look elegantly boyish. I have been searching for something like this for a very long time, and I'm so glad I found this piece for such a great price.

Jail Bird Dress - $29.99
Another dress I have fallen in love with. It has a great shape and fit, which you can see in my last outfitting post. It makes me feel really girly since the bottom has some layers and cakes out in an oh so flattering way. I love pairing this dress with my Docs or Cut out creepers.

Cut Out Leather Ankle Boots - $79 
Speaking of cut outs, I am loving these boots! I almost bought them online but ended up waiting, and found them in store! They are super comfortable and look great with thigh high socks, or any socks in general. The heel is not too high and the leather detailing makes my ankles look less like popsicle sticks.

If you noticed, I didn't put which Urban I bought these at. Although, you can probably tell by the prices, I give you the challenge of guessing which store these great pieces came from! If you really want to know, leave me a message and ill tell you which items are from which...(party pooper)

Which are your favourite items? Do you shop at lower priced stores? 

Stay tuned for a new outfitting post featuring my new shirt from!  

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