Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thrift Haul

For the first time ever, I went on an extremely successful thrifting mission with one of my friends who is a thrift junkie. She is my usual shopping buddy, and has been wanting me to go thrifting with her for ages. Last week we finally felt the thrifting magic, and hit up  a Value Village a little ways away from where we usually stray. (HA I rhymed!)

After initially shopping at Urban Outfitters and finding some great deals there, I was wanting to do a lot more shopping, although now I was on a bit of a budget. (pP.S I will be posting a UO hall soon so you can see what I bought!) That's when my friend suggested hitting up a new VV that she hadn't been too, but have heard good things about. We google searched its location, and after a refuel at the food court, we went along on our journey.

After a 20 min subway ride, we arrived at our destination. Walking up to the store was the weirdest mix of motions iv had in a long time. Excited to see if it was a huge store with good things, nervous that clothing would be gross and smelly, scared id get lice, and happy everything would be less the 10 dollars per piece. 

The store itself was huge, with at least two racks running the length of the store for each category for both women's and men's. Not to mention all the other categories like home, accessories, shoes and kids sections. I decided then and there that A) I needed a cart, and B) I needed a game plan, which went as follow: 

Limit of no more then 8.99 a piece unless I truly loved the item and it was something I couldn't find anywhere else.
Picked 3 categories to ficus my attention on (Blouses, Sweaters (both men's and women's) and Pants/Skirts).
Take a break after each section to audit my gigantic cart pile and pull out things that didn't tickle my fancy as much as it did during my initial reaction.
No stains, No rips, No "if i nip, tuck, stitch, add a button it will be perfect" items.

Armed with a mini game plan, I kinda let loose, lost my friend for about a half hour, and shopped till my cart literally dropped. Like..fell over...due to clothing my life.

An hour or two later, my friend and I emerged, bags in hand, smiles on our faces, and a pep in our step after a truly satisfying shopping trip. I bought 7 items for about 45 dollars and got a great range of items, which without further adieu, I will present to you! (Again with the rhyming..I should be a raper)

The buttons are definitely an amazing little detail!

Polka dot  6.99 size Medium
Crazy print 7.99 size ? (smells like old lady.. nothing a good wash cant fix)
Cardigan 8.99 size Small

High waisted Mom jeans 5.99 size 5 (made them into really cute shorts)
Cotton Skirt 7.99 size 6
Plaid skirt 4.99 size Small

Scarf  3.99  (there's a small red stain on it, but it looks like it was the colour bleeding)

I hope you enjoyed my finds as much as I do!! And don't worry, Ive already washed everything at least once!

Do you like to thrift shop? What are your tips and tricks for finding the best items?

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