Thursday, August 15, 2013

Watch Me Burn

I have been loving my new shoes from, and wearing them every chance I can get. I love experimenting with them and doing something completely grungy and dark to emphasize the creeper chunky style and buckles, and then flipping it 360 to do something super girly and fun, using the shoes for a touch of edge.

-sorry its settings were weird-

One look I'm absolutely in love with is something I put together the other day while shopping. My actual outfit kinda fell apart on me, so I had to buy something quick that worked well with the shoes, and the over all feeling I had that day.

I was at Urban Outfitters checking out their recently stocked sale section when I found the prettiest dress! I bought a bunch of other things as well but that will be saved for a haul I will post at a later on this week. This is the final outfit I put together. Simple, girly with a little edge ;)

-again, sorry for the blur-

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Jacket: ONLY
Shoes: UrbanOG
Necklace: DIY
Rings: American Eagle, Market, Peoples


  1. Very cute dress. Love it.

  2. Cute outfit so loving that creepers are making a comeback. How is the fit do these run big because I know back in the early 90s creepers ran at least a half to whole size big?

  3. these ones actually fit perfect to size. I usually have to size up but they are perfect :)


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